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Civil Law

We can advise you on your business transactions or prepare expert’s opinion or legal analysis for you. We draft and negotiate contracts and make sure they are performed properly. Our Clients are provided with assistance and legal representation before courts or other bodies of justice as well as state administration authorities.



Criminal Law

We defend our Clients in criminal and fiscal-criminal cases related to their business operations. We offer counsel and representation during investigation proceedings and in court, before any prosecution and justice authorities at all levels, including the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.



Commercial Law

We offer comprehensive legal services in the area of corporate law, including those covering current matters in commercial companies’ operations, also for companies with foreign capital. We can help you with company transformation, matters related to corporate bodies, construction of holding structure and corporate governance as well as registration of your company with the National Court Register. We also offer assistance in M&A transactions, consolidation and liquidation of companies.



Pharmaceutical Law

We have vast experience in representing and advising pharmaceutical market players. We act for our Clients inter alia in such matters as issues related to marketing and advertisement of new medicinal products or to the obtaining, and fulfilling the terms of pharmaceutical wholesaler or general pharmacy license and compliance with that license.



Public Procurement Law

In this field, we represent both domestic and foreign entities which seek the award of a public contract whether in the capacity of contracting authority or that of a tenderer. We give legal expert’s opinions regarding the application of public procurement procedures and prepare tender documents, protests, appeals and complaints against awards passed by arbitration panel. We are particularly proud to say that we have successfully renegotiated many contracts which had been concluded under a public procurement procedure.



Defence Trade

We have the qualifications necessary to offer assistance to our Clients in this special, strictly regulated field of business operations. We represent entities engaged in defence trade, inter alia in matters related to obtaining, and fulfilling the term of licenses for production and trading in arms and ammunition, for transit of arms, ammunition, explosives as well as products and technologies for military or police use through Polish territory. We also offer consulting regarding individual permits for export of arms, ammunition or special use materials.



Crisis Management

Putting into use our special, unique competencies, we assist in legal and organisational audits as well as security audits; we also coordinate restructuring and reorganisation activities.



Construction Law

Representing companies that operate in development industry and road and bridge construction, we have earned valuable experience in investment processes. We provide our Clients with comprehensive legal services related to the examination of legal status of real property, the obtaining of legal title to the property, the obtaining of necessary permits and the exercise of investor’s supervision.



Privatisation and Restructuring

We are ready to advise you on the privatisation of state-owned property and other types of ownership change. We assist also in founding companies with foreign capital.



Banking Law

Many times we had the opportunity to provide legal assistance to the largest banks and financial institutions in matters related to the banking business and the creation and organisation of banks. We have represented leading banks and financial institutions operating in Poland in material court disputes.



Capital Markets

Capitalising on our experience earned in the process of co-authoring legislative acts concerning the capital market, we assist companies which debut the Warsaw Stock Exchange and entities fulfilling their regular obligations as investors in public companies. We represent our Clients before capital markets’ regulatory authorities; we also advise on M&A transactions involving listed companies.



Bankruptcy and Reorganisation Law

We are experienced in providing legal assistance to entities which have been forced to declare bankruptcy or implement reorganisation processes due to their financial condition. To protect the interests of bankrupt companies or creditors, as the case may be, we provide support throughout the entire bankruptcy process.



Environment Protection Law

We provide legal assistance to many enterprises whose business may have a significant impact on natural environment (inter alia companies which operate in pharmaceutical, arms manufacturing and fuel industries). We identify potential threats which the planned undertakings may entail, assess the impact of the Client’s business on natural environment, and monitor obligations related to running such a business, especially those related to the obtaining of integrated permits. We also research the opportunities for raising funds for investments related to environment protection.



Protection of Classified Information

We have considerable practice in preparing legal analyses on the obligation to apply regulations on protection of classified information, at the request of business entities and constitutional authorities of state administration. We also advise on creation and operation of secret offices and circulation of documents which constitute classified information.



EC Law

Appreciating the significance and impact of EC laws on the Polish legal system and business dealings with other countries, we provide assistance in the interpretation of the European law. We put special emphasis on monitoring the changes occurring in this rapidly developing branch of law.

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